Porridge love

Somewhere under there is a bowl of (chocolate) porridge. All my life I had thought porridge was oats cooked in milk and then you could sprinkle a little sugar on top, maybe some banana and that was about it. Plus you'd get to the bottom and your topping was all gone and it was extremely bland.

That is until I discovered Deliciously Ella and her plethora of porridge recipes! She adds such things as coconut, chocolate, peanut butter, fruit, nuts to name a few. I've been experimenting and have come to realise that the possibilities are not only endless, but that I LOVE porridge when I previously never even liked it all that much.

Currently in my bowl is chocolate porridge, (add cocoa or cacao and coconut sugar as it cooks) then I topped it with chocolate chips (I didn't have an cacao nibs), coconut yogurt, frozen raspberries and peanut butter. Literally heaven in a bowl! ❤️


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