Tomato free, gluten free, vegan chilli

Yes that's a lot of stuff it's free from, but I am trying to figure out if anything improves my skin so it's kind of a battle which I'm currently losing but I won't give up fighting.

I actually read somewhere that some scientists now think eczema is auto-immune which is what I've been saying all along. I know my body is reacting to something.

Anyway last night I made chilli without tomatoes which wasn't the easiest task. It was a little dry, but all in all the flavour was amazing.
However my hands were so itchy in the night so I think it must be something else in my dinner meal.

According to the blood type diet potatoes are a big no go so I am going to try that next. Again it won't be easy as most gluten free stuff has potato of some type in it. I keep thinking how worth all of this it will be once my skin is healed though and that's what spurs me on. If it's not potatoes I'm going to try corn which I attempted before but it's in literally everything so I gave up in the end it was really stressful.

Pictured is my tomato free chilli. Also gluten free and vegan. I enjoyed some nice grated violife on top and it was delicious! Today I'm having the leftovers in hard tacos :)


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