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I do meal plans for every day usually but it often gets to the end of the week and things changed over the week, I fancied something else or one of my ingredients needed using up sooner. Or maybe it's been over a week and I'm stretching out the food shopping to make it last longer, or maybe I have stuff to use up where it came as a large pack than I needed.

Well today was several of those rolled into one. What I had planned to cook included potato so that was off the cards. I had loads of veg to use up, I had no idea what to cook and I'm due to get shopping in. So I decided to use up a load of veg and chuck it all a Thai green curry. Which also means delicious leftovers for the next day or two as well which is always a bonus!

I have taken a photo it looks so green and healthy too, which is just what I need. I felt so blocked to this morning I'm determined to fight off this cold before it even has a chance.

I ordered the Blood type diet book called 'Eat right 4 your type' and the corresponding cookbook. I'm kind of finding it difficult to know best to eat right now so hopefully that will leave me inspired! Well that's a lie what I'm finding difficult is quick stuff and snacks, but I really did need some inspiration. Especially as I keep dreaming of a big Mac and fries ugghh. This is hard.


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