Gluten free and vegan

I have allergies and i am fed up with them. I have been on a mission to suss them out for a while and it's been slow progress. I get skin rashes, itchy, dry eczema etc. Mostly on my hands at the moment. I can't wear my wedding rings, I hate drawing any attention to them.
I already know I react to gluten getting an itchy rash on my legs.

I have been keeping a food diary since January to see what might be a trigger. I'm pretty sure cheese is! Which is odd as usually it's dairy not cheese alone. I have cut out dairy before and it made no difference, but now I'm thinking it could be several things. Possibly egg??

Anyway I am going to try cutting out all animal products. I have pretty much switched to vegetarian since my husband has been away anyway. I have been cutting more out slowly while I find alternatives to my favourite foods. Its not always easy and the alternatives are often expensive, but I decided I was finally ready.

I know my husband is going to think I'm being pretentious, but for now my main aim is really to see if I can fix my allergies. Anyway my food shopping came. I am excited! I just have some gluten free bread to finish that has honey in. I'm not about to throw it away as it is expensive and I also hate waste.

Being gluten free and vegan isn't going to be easy so I figured I would document it along the way in case people are interested! So here is the start of my journey :)

I'm excited for my giant peanut butter haha.


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