Bad eczema, allergies and blood type diet

So my eczema has REALLY flared up this week. I have been using all the same things like creams etc. I have no idea what it is, it is really making me miserable though.

My hands felt dry after I washed my makeup brushes so I put my usual moisturiser on and it made my hands crazy itchy I hate it when that happens. It doesn't always, but occasionally. I think I need to do another bleach bath.

Anyway onto the diet. I'm really struggling still with cutting so much out. I was obviously still drinking milk in my coffee. I put some honey in a cup of tea as well and I accidentally bought something that has honey in it. I'm not going to stress over it, because as much as I try I know I will have more moments like that.

My skin got pretty bad last weekend after I had chips from the chip shop. I can only assume they had been contaminated with gluten from being fried in the same oil as other battered items. So that's my own mistake really. Its just frustrating because I basically can't eat a single takeaway which is a bit depressing.

Anyway over the week it has just got gradually worse, but that is normally how it happens.
I started reading about the blood type diet. Which for mine it basically suggests cutting out meat, eggs, dairy, wheat which I already am. So not too hard. It suggested goat instead of cow's milk though so I'm going to switch to that. Plus there's other foods so again I'm going to add those to what feels like a never ending list of stuff I'm trying not to eat. Tomatoes are definitely one of my suspicious ones so I'm going to cut those out this week too. I think one thing at a time for now, it is hard enough as it is! Coconut is on there which I was worried about but I have that every day no matter what my skin is doing so I really doubt that is a trigger. Tomatoes came up on another allergen list too. Fingers crossed I get a result!

I think that is enough boring information for now anyway. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to report on next time!

Look at my poor pinky, that is the worst bit. Hopefully next week it will look normal again!


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