TV show review // Better Call Saul

For some reason it's taken me months to watch this and I'm not sure why.
If you aren't familiar with Better Call Saul, it is a spinoff from the brilliant Breaking Bad, featuring some of the main characters. I will do my best to review this without giving away the plot!

So one of the obvious questions with a spinoff is can you watch it without watching the original show that it stems from? With Better Call Saul you certainly can, there is nothing that is left unexplained from Breaking Bad, possibly due to this being a prequel. In my opinion though, it is always better to watch the original show first if you can and when it comes to Breaking Bad I highly recommend it, as it is a 5 star show!

Why did it take me so long to watch Better Call Saul? I guess partly because I hadn't really heard much about it or that anyone I knew had watched it. Also I don't think Saul was a strong character in Breaking Bad, obviously Jesse and Walt are the main characters and Saul features regularly, but you don't know much about him.

It does have 5 stars on Netflix though and I knew I was going to watch it at some point, I just wasn't in a rush to see it. When I did start watching Better Call Saul, it had me so gripped I couldn't stop watching it and I binged watched the whole first series in 3 days. So that should give you a good clue as to whether it is worth watching.

The idea of the show is that it follows the life of Saul, or Jimmy as he is known in this and how his career ended up where it did on Breaking Bad. Another main character from Breaking Bad who features regularly in Better Call Saul is Mike Ehrmantraut, a cop. Again, not someone who I really thought much of in Breaking Bad, but I enjoyed getting to know his character more in this.

I hope I haven't given much away, but still convinced you to watch it!
It is currently on Netflix along with Breaking Bad, so watch both if you haven't already, they are both brilliant TV shows.

I just realised I haven't actually reviewed Breaking Bad itself, but I think there is so much hype I don't really need to. I wanted to talk about this show because I don't think it has received enough praise and thought I should spread the word about its greatness!

My rating for Better Call Saul is 5/5

Have a great day, B. xoxo

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