Wanderlust // The heart wants what it wants

Like many others, I am an Instagram and Pinterest addict! My favourite images are beautiful interiors, food inspiration and gorgeous travel photos. Hey, a girl can dream!
Here are some of my favourites, images are all from Pinterest.

I don't get to travel much, but maybe one day I will get to visit a few places on my wish list (fingers crossed).
Until then I will explore the world through beautiful photos instead. I mean how lucky are we to have access to such an array of photos and videos at our fingertips. We can view all these places without leaving our own homes!
Where would you like to visit in the world? 
Top of my list are Canada, America and more of Scandinavia. Where exactly? Well there are too many places to list! If I got the opportunity to go to each just once I would be happy though. Although I can't promise I would remember to purchase a return ticket ;)

Have a lovely Sunday xoxo

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