Wish list Wednesday

Birkenstock sandals

Since writing this I have actually purchased a similar version of this style of sandal. I really love Birkenstocks, but do have a problem with pay about £70 for leather ones. I ended up buying some copper coloured leather sandals for about £30 instead.

Concrete and neon planters 

I can't remember where I found this image now to credit it, but I'll add it if I find out. I was actually planning a DIY version of these, let me know if you would like a tutorial :) I really love concrete and neon pink so they combine my 2 loves at the moment. Well and succulents so I guess that's 3!
Tiki mugs

I think these particular ones are from Amazon. These will be perfect in out tiki bar we are planning :)

Nasa t-shirt

I saw one of these a while ago on someone else and missed it in the shops. You can find them online luckily. I can be a bit of a space nerd and the Nasa logo is ├╝ber cool anyway so I do have a lot of love for this t-shirt :)

Neon nail polishes

Again I love neon, so these are perfect summer colours

Classic high top Vans

I used to be a Converse girl and I do still love my tartan pair very much, but these days I'm more of a Vans fan. I only own 2 pairs, but if I got more it would have to be these, navy, some floral ones and the new Disney villains one because they rule so hard.

What are you wishing for this Wednesday?

B. xoxo

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