Quick update and some politics

Once again I apologise for the lack of posts, I have moved now and am slowly getting through all the boxes amongst all the other dull bits that have to be done! I am dying to get back into blogging so it won't be long till things are up and running again, this time bigger and better! I have made myself a little space in the dining room to do blogging, crafts, outfit posts and more. I have even painted the walls white as a nice plain backdrop. I can't tell you how excited I am! I also have a new shop in the works, just need to get some photos and final details sorted then I can reveal it to you all!

Anyway, in the mean time let's get talking serious just briefly. Tomorrow at the House of Commons, they were going to take a vote to try and relax the law on fox hunting. Which is basically a really sly way of trying to bring it back in. 

There is an argument that we need to reduce the number of foxes, although they keep the rabbit population down. Rabbits eat veg, meaning food that is already on the route to becoming scarce, with too many rabbits would run out quicker. So foxes actually help us.

Also people seem to think that foxes kill animals like chickens for fun. Which again is a misconception. Foxes will hunt what they find, but cannot carry it all back to their den at once. So during this process, if a human intervenes and finds dead chickens scattered around that haven't been eaten, it is not because the fox killed them for fun. It was planning on going back for them.

Now I am not claiming to be the worlds biggest animal lover, I just personally feel that letting a huge pack of dogs loose on one lone fox, then allowing them to rip it to shreds is not at all a humane way of killing them. In fact it is barbaric and merely a sport for rich idiots to parade their wealth around. If there are too many foxes, by all means get rid of a few, but not by fox hunting with a pack of dogs. One dog against a fox would be fair, but not several.

Anyway, much to my delight the vote has been cancelled, meaning the ban will remain intact for now.  Yay!! :-) Thanks to everyone who signed petitions and protested in Westminster along with Brian May! Though that doesn't mean pompous idiots like David Cameron won't try again in the future...

B. xoxo

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