News and a vintage school themed room

It has obviously been a while since my last post. I'm not sure if I even have any regular readers as it's hard to find out, but if I do my apologies for this. (Also feel free to say hi so I know you're out there!)
The reason for this is pretty much because we have found out we are moving in a couple of months, but as I have no idea where to exactly or when it's all been pretty stressful recently.
This is my not-very-exciting news, I thought I best share though in case you wondered where the blog had got to. I have actually been really busy recently and have loads to share, just unfortunately a little too busy sometimes to stop and sit down at my computer for a bit.

Anyway enough with this boring stuff. Moving to a new area has got me and the husband all excited about the new house (even though I will have no idea what it is like till the day we actually move in (yes that's military life for you!) We are planning a tropical tiki garden on a super low budget (I'll save that for another post.) 

Today though I am really excited to have settled on a theme for Poppy's room. I was leaning towards monochrome and pastel-inspired styles like I have seen in so many blogs and Pinterest images. I have finally decided to go for a vintage-school theme though as I love the idea of a cute old school desk and maybe some lockers with lots of cute accessories on shelves etc. 

Vintage school themed kids bedroom.

Here is a quick mood board I made on Polyvore. I'm pretty much in love!

I actually already have a few vintage games and toys, a folding ruler and a lot of vintage ladybird books. So this would be a perfect way to use these and tie them all together! 

So excited to put it all together now and start hunting for more school-themed furniture and accessories :)

B. xoxo 

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