Space hulk // Painting space marine models

My husband Chris started collecting some of the board games he had in his youth recently, and part of the fun of them was that you got to paint all the models that you play with in the game. This one is Space Hulk, set in the fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000 (in the future) with Space Marine Terminators on one side, they are set various missions on different game boards, they have to avoid the Tyrannic Genestealers (a type of alien basically), who have made their home aboard Space Hulk (a space ship).

There are currently four editions and now a digital version, which Chris plays on the iPad.
We actually own the second edition which was released in 1996, although we also have a few bits from the original release in 1989.

When painting the models, Games Workshop sell paints and brushes by Citadel and there are paint tutorials to go with them, it is essentially like paint by numbers, with each step telling you which paint and which brush to use. As they are water-based acrylic though, I did actually get my acrylic set out to add a few additional colour options and I even mixed some of my own. 

They are really fiddly to paint, it requires tiny brushes, a steady hand and a lot of patience!

Here you can see one of the Space Marines, which we painted first. I held one in my hand to give an idea of the size. Pretty small. Good job I like painting!
I took more of a close-up as well to show some more of the details. I have never tried my hand at painting anything before with so much detail, but I thoroughly enjoyed painting these and spending some quality time with my husband as I did it.

I have also now painted the Genestealers, but I will show you a photo of them in another post.

B. xoxo

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