Time for change // New driving licence

Hitting 27 this year is the first time I have actually felt different. Getting old isn't supposed to feel any different, but it does now I'm getting closer to 30. I don't feel young anymore, more like a real grown up and it's partly scary and partly boring. As if I didn't need actual proof, my driving licence ran out this month. Look at that cute chubby picture on my old one! I can't believe I have had it for 10 years, I remember the day I excitedly got the photos done and sent off my application ready for my 17th birthday. Feels like yesterday, but it's such a long time ago now. It's so weird because I feel the same, I still feel like the 16 year old in the photo, but so much has happened since that picture.

Let's just hope my new photo looks OK! 

B. xoxo

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