Tasty and healthy snack // Seasoned popcorn

For a while now I have been noticing popcorn springing up in the crisps aisle at the supermarket, in an array of flavours made by crisps manufacturers. I'm guessing they are cottoning on to a portion of their market wanting to buy snacks that appear to be healthier. Although I bet once they have been smothered in 'flavour' they are still very high in salt. 

I recently discovered in Asda that you can buy popcorn seasoning to put on your homemade freshly popped corn. Maybe this is loads healthier, but at lest this way I can choose what oil to cook my popcorn in (my choice being coconut) and I can at least control the amount of seasoning I apply. Slightly better anyway.

The flavour my husband chose was chocolate and I'll admit I was skeptical at the thought, but when I tried it, oh my! Chocolate popcorn is addictive and I'm totally smitten. Well it's got to be better than eating a bag of Doritos or a bar of dark chocolate?!

B. xoxo

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