Swedish style tea // Lipton forest fruits tea

In Sweden we have a lot of types of tea. The main one we have though is this Lipton forest fruits fruit tea and it is enjoyed with milk and honey. Sweet, warm and delicious. So I bought some back in the UK, added the milk... the milk curdled. [Insert sad face!] I went back to bringing it home when I visited. 

The other week, my neighbour and I went on our weekly trip into town during which we decided to check out a Lithuanian supermarket to see what they had for sale. Whilst there I found my beloved Lipton tea, this time a Polish version. I bought a pack and took it home hoping for the best.

I boiled some water and added it to my teabag, added some milk and waited for it to curdle... nothing! Yay!

It's safe to say I'm super happy that I can now buy this in England! :)

B. xoxo

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