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I've loved midi rings ever since I saw them on Phoebe Buffay. I first started wearing them when I bought some small rings from my favourite second hand jewellery store, although I got annoyed when they would fall off my fingers no matter how nice they looked. 

Next I got some cheap ones in Primark to test out plain bands. I fell in love. I loved them so much I wore all the coating off and they started turning my fingers green. 

I binned them and started to look for some in real silver. They've been on my wish lists for ages, but I never knew what size to buy so just never bothered.

I decided to just guess on a website that offered I think small or medium. I had a terrible experience with said website so I will not name them. I opted for small not wanting it to fall off. When it arrived it was a little too small. Nevertheless I continued to wear it, just not as often as I wanted.

I was then on the Shop Dixi Instagram last week and they had an offer for 30% off all rings. How could I not?! I chose 2 excitedly and ordered them. I got in touch with them over an issue I had which they politely fixed and apologised very swiftly at a very early hour. I was ready to rate them 10/10 and I hadn't even received my rings yet!!

They arrived 4 days later packaged beautifully and safely and to my delight fit like a dream! They just have one size 'midi' so it was much easier to shop.

Here is a picture of my 2 new gorgeous rings. 

Visit Shop Dixi here.

I am in love and super happy with my experience. Thankyou so much Shop Dixi!! 

B. xoxo

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