Product review // Koko chocolate milk alternative

Since I have been trying to avoid dairy to see if it helps my eczema, I have been trying a plethora of dairy-free milk alternatives. Most of them taste awful compared to the real deal, especially when I happen to love the creaminess of full fat milk which we switched to after having Poppy. If you had switched from skimmed milk the shock probably wouldn't be so bad. 

So having established that the watery texture is not to my liking, next is the taste. All I can say is that most I have tried taste too 'strong' for my liking. Milk doesn't really taste of much except creamy goodness, so to switch to an alternative that suddenly tastes awful and strong is not good.

So far my favourite milk alternative is Oatly, although it doesn't do well in coffee and I've yet to find something that does. (Suggestions are more than welcome). As for chocolate milkshakes though, it's still not my favourite and I haven't tried the chocolate variety yet.

In steps Koko... I was shopping at a huge Tesco store the other day and I came across this in the long life section of milks. There always seems to be a good choice in that section and I guess since it has no dairy in, dairy-free 'milks' probably are just ok on the shelf without any weird additives or preservatives.

The first thing I did was to check what was in it, I know there's a photo but I like to actually read the ingredients. Coconut, hmmm. I had tried a coconut milk alternative before and it wasn't brilliant, but I was curious. Into the car-shaped trolley it went. (I had my 3 year old in it don't worry!)

I refrigerated it as soon as it was unpacked and waited several hours for it to chill before I tried some. Holy coconuts it was good! Still watery, but then the main ingredient is water what do you expect! It didn't taste of much other than the chocolate I was pleasantly surprised and over the moon. Not only that it says you can enjoy it hot or cold! To describe the taste I would say it is like you made a chocolate milkshake with water, so watery but not strong flavour. Though with no creaminess to add to the flavour it is a bit lacking compared to the real thing, but closer than I thought I was going to get for sure.

A lovely lady on Instagram also suggested blending it with frozen banana to make a thick shake, I haven't tried this yet but it sounds like a fab idea! I also have some delicious dairy-free ice cream I could add for some creaminess :)

Have you tried Koko before? Have you found a better alternative?
B. xoxo

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