Nails of the week // Ombré brown to nude

I have never actually tried ombré nails, I had a go once and the polish wasn't right for it and I thought it was me so didn't try again. That was a long time ago. It's also one of those things that is hard to photograph as it looks a lot better in real life. 

I chose these colours as I wanted a colour to fade into my natural nail to hide my regrowth and I don't like a dark colour near my cuticles as it often goes under the edges when I take it off. So this seemed to be the perfect solution.

I don't think there's any point in me doing a tutorial as there's so many out there already, but I will share this one with you by The Beauty Department.

To be honest I did mine slightly different, I actually sponged the lighter colour on first then the dark colour on top, but this technique probably gives a neater result than my way!

B. xoxo

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