Learning iMovie // Exciting things to come on the blog!

I feel like it's time I upped the ante with my blog. I know it could be so much more, I have just been trying to figure out which direction to take it in. Having still not solved this dilemma I have at least made the decision that I will soon be creating my first video. *Exciting much!* It has been a while since I made a video back in my Uni days, so I am currently relearning how to edit videos.
This is what the photo above depicts. I filmed a test video of me doing my makeup and I am learning how to change the transitions, add text, speed parts of it up and change the audio etc. I honestly had SO much fun doing this and I haven't even finished yet. 

When it is complete and I am confident that I can offer some good content I will be posting my first video here! (Of course on my YouTube channel as well, which is a bit on the empty side the moment!

So stay tuned and in the mean time please let me know what you would like to see videos of!

B. xoxo

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