Family time // Mother's Day

Mother's Day in the UK is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, this year it fell on Sunday the 15th March. Poppy promptly presented me with a painting she had done of me and another picture. I was overwhelmed by these, especially the painting. 
"...I painted your glasses!..." She exclaimed excitedly. It's my favourite painting she's done and is soon to be framed :)
I chose myself a little gift for her to give me, a little bear charm that I could put on a necklace and planned a day out. I normally leave my husband to help Poppy sort out a gift and I get a bar of chocolate the next day when he feels guilty for making no effect, so this year I took matters into my own hands. 

We went to Gressenhall Workhouse, a museum and farm and to our delight they had a special Mother's Day event on. Poppy painted me this pot and picked a lovely 'pink' succulent to go in it. I'm totally in love with it! She also got to do some other crafts, which I had to help her with, this one is my absolute favourite though :)

All in all I had a pretty good day, I love my little girl so much! <3 It's so true when people used to say that mums love handmade gifts the most, now I know for real they really are the best.

B. xoxo

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