DIY banner // Inspired by Secret Holiday & Co.

If you know me or have read my blog before, you may know that I love making things especially if I see something I love and either it's not for sale or I can't afford it. Plus I love the challenge of trying to make something I have never tried my hand at making before.

One thing i have been wanting for a long time is an affirmation banner. I'm all for positive thinking and self-love and happy thoughts etc. So I think these are a brilliant way of reminding ourselves in a simple way that we see every day.

I have seen several styles of affirmation banners, but the original ones by Secret Holiday & Co. are by far my favourite.

Here are some of the ones they offer, although they sell out as quick as they are for sale!

Out of these my favourite phrase is "It's OK". I think this is such a simple and perfect reminder to yourself when times are feeling difficult. So I decided this was the one I wanted to make. 

I sent Ashley a message asking if she was OK with me making a banner like hers for myself. This is so important if you are going to copy someone else' idea. It is never OK to copy an idea and pass it off as your own and especially if you are planning on making money off said idea. Handmade items take a lot of time and love and are often the makers sole source of income.

Due to the fact that people rarely ask permission, she was really happy I had asked and was totally fine with me making one! Yay! So I gathered my supplies, all of which I had except the pole. (although I managed to get that free anyway!) So the total cost of making this was pretty much free cos all the supplies were leftover from other projects. I love it when that happens!

Here is the result! It's not perfect I should have ironed the letters on before I sewed them as they went for a little walk, but I kind of love the imperfections. If it was perfect it would look like it was made by a machine and not handmade.

If you want to buy a banner you can visit the Secret Holiday & Co. shop here.

In the mean time remember... It's OK!

B. xoxo

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