Bring Me the Horizon // Reloving music

As most teenagers do, I was crazy about music, I couldn't get enough of it and it was rare you would see me without earphones in my ears blasting Blink 182 or The Distillers from my mini-disc player and then later from my 5th generation iPod classic (it had videos!!) I'm more of a film buff these days though, watching one most days. I'm more likely these days to be streaming Netflix in the kitchen as opposed to Spotify, although sometimes you need a bit more concentration for something and only music will do. In the past year that has mostly been pop playlists in Spotify, although recently I have been turning to the Kerrang and Scuzz channels on Sky. Reliving my youth with some songs, discovering new bands and falling back in love with bands I feel out of love with.

A current favourite is Bring Me the Horizon (or BMTH as it is shortened to), who I once found a bit on the heavy side. Their early songs were described as deathcore so that's no surprise really, I was never into the heaviest music, although I always had a soft spot for Eighteen Visions, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold and similar bands.

I'm not gonna' lie, I like a song I can have a good sing and dance to, but I think this may be the beginning of me rediscovering all the heavy music I once loved! 

Starting with BMTH, I can't get enough of them at the moment!

Here are some of their top songs which I really love

BMTH- Drown

BMTH- Can you feel my heart

BMTH- Sleepwalking

Hope you enjoy them! 

B. xoxo

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