Animal and nature week // 6/7 Kitchen flowers

I have never been very green-fingered, but I am doing my best to learn. I hate the idea of having my hands in soil too and it's not the mess. I'm happy to get paint or cookie dough all over me, I just don't like getting that dirty. My kitchen is home to most of my plants, it is quite cool and has a nice amount of light. 
Here I have basil which I am surprised is still alive. I have herbs in the garden usually, but they've all died off over winter so I bought this recently.
It's not very noticeable in front of the basil, but there is a chrysanthemum that I accidentally grew from a cutting, soon to be potted. My hyacinth which has just got a second set of flowers (didn't even realise it could do this)! Finally my avocado seeds which I am having another go at growing, after one unsuccessful attempt. The first one went mouldy apparently I didn't clean the seed enough. So now I have 3 of these (one upstairs to try a different environment) and I scrubbed them first, so fingers crossed!

B. xoxo

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