Animal and nature week // 5/7 Outdoor gym

An interesting choice of picture I know, but the black and white hides my tired, make-up free face and crazy windswept hair just a little. I didn't mean to get the phone shadow in- true selfie proof though I guess!

My love for fitness had died off after the Christmas break and I have been wanting to get back into it since then. Finding it hard in the cold weather, it took me until now to get motivated, but better late than never. I was armed with my new iPod shuffle and sports earphones, ready for a quick run when I spotted the new footpath that had been put in. I ran over to take a look, when to my delight I realised the new outdoor gym had been completed, so what better time than this glorious sunny morning to try it out?!

I love the outdoors part of running, but hate running and I love the gym, but it certainly lacks the views. So of course this might be my new love, giving me the best of both! Not only that, but I might even be able to occasionally take Poppy in the pushchair or on her bike to squeeze in a quick session :)

B. xoxo

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