Valentine's Day // A gift for my husband

This year for Valentines Day I found the perfect gift by chance. I went for a quick look in my favourite second hand jewellery store and saw this skull ring. The only ones I have seen before have been either too expensive for my budget or too tacky. This one was neither though and I fell in love right away. Unfortunately being after Christmas we were on a tight budget and I had to wait until after pay day to go back to buy it. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed until I could go back that it would still be there. To my relief it was. 

I'm not very good with surprises though as I get too excited! I managed to hide it for a whole week before I gave in and presented it to my husband early! I don't think he's ever had a present on time! 

He loved it anyway. Which is good because there was a reason I bought him a skull ring. His dad used to have a skull engagement ring! Although unfortunately he once threw a stone in the sea and it flew off his finger! Let's hope this one lasts a bit longer.

B. xoxo

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