Spring beauty // Top 5 hairstyles when growing out bangs

I am currently growing out my bangs and it's a love/ hate relationship. I love the idea of how they will look once they are long, but hate having to style them in the meantime so they don't look like I'm growing them out! It's a long and annoying process and I am going to share some of my favourite hairstyles I have found.

Braided bangs

This is a gorgeous way to wear your bangs at any length, if you have a few stray bits, go for a tousled look on the rest of your hair. Get the tutorial from Hair Romance.

Messy bun

This is a super cute way to hide your bangs, put your hair up in a messy bun then pin back your bangs with some bobby pins. Find the tutorial on The Freckled Fox.

Twisted bangs

If a braid is a bit difficult, why not try a simple twist. This tutorial was on The Small Things Blog

Hair tuck

Another cute way to disguise bangs is this hairband tuck, where you twist your hair around a hairband or scarf. Tutorial is from The Freckled Fox

Middle part

Alternatively follow in the footsteps of Rachel McAdams, get your bangs layered slightly and wear them framing your face in this gorgeous boho style.

I hope I have given you some inspiration and ideas if how to wear your bangs as your grow out.
B. xoxo

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