Nail foils review // Sally Hansen Salon effects

I bought the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips nail foils in Superdrug about a year ago, but was saving them for when I had acrylics as my nails chip after less than a day and I couldn't deal with that, as these were too pretty. I have had acrylics since, but I forgot about them, so this time I couldn't wait to wear them straight away.

The only photo I actually took was this nice one as I was trying to hide how bad they actually were. Then I changed my mind and figured I should share what I really thought of them.

Application: So first you have to select the right size strip for each nail. You get 16 altogether (8 different sizes) and they just weren't wide enough for my nails. I'm not stupid I did it all correctly and I'm pretty sure my fingers are average sized, they just didn't fit well. So all of my nails had gaps down the sides. The other thing that annoyed me was that even though I was super careful when I peeled them off, 2 of them ripped as I was peeling them off the backing strip. 

Removal: As I have acrylics I had to use acetone-free polish remover. As it was my first time using this particular brand I cannot say for sure that it wasn't the remover, but it was a nightmare taking them off. The white came off straight away then the black bits were just STUCK to my nails. I had to scrub and scrub and scrub and they came off in tent tiny black bits like dust. It was awful. I genuinely used half the bottle of polish remover trying to remove them. I nearly resorted to filing them off!
I would give these 1/10 if I had to rate them.

So it's safe to say I would not recommend these at all. I don't have extensive experience with foils, but the best ones I ever used were by Myleene Klass. Those lasted a whole 2 weeks without any chipping. Which is amazing considering I can't usually get a whole day out of my nail polish. These were brilliant and I would give these 10/10.

The only reason I don't use foils more is because I like to paint my nails myself. I just wish they would last a bit longer.

B. xoxo

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