Hama beads // DIY coasters

Poppy got a set of Hama beads and boards last Christmas, but is only now old enough to start using them. I got quite excited about the possibilities and had a browse on Pinterest for some ideas. Among all the jewellery, keyrings and pictures you can make I came across some lovely monochrome coasters. I bought some black and white beads, which are available in craft and toy shops, then chose the 3 biggest boards. 
I made a square, circle and hexagon coaster.

Here are the 3 patterns I made. I'm not too sure about the circle so I might redo that one. When you have filled your boards with beads, you then cover them with some greaseproof paper and iron carefully. The top of the beads melt and fuse together. Place under something like a book until they cool down so they stay flat.

When they have cooled down, they are ready to use!

B. xoxo

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