Get to know me // 5 random facts about me

These come up online all the time, so I thought it would make a fun blog post!

1. This is the first time I've had my natural hair colour in 15 years. I got hooked on dyeing it, but now getting my healthy is more important so I try growing it. I've also never had my hair longer than shoulder length.

2. I can say the alphabet backwards. My dad taught me when I was little, it's pretty pointless, but I've never met anyone else knows it.

3. I have a massive sweet tooth. I also have a bit of a sugar addiction, my weakness is pretty much any type of cake! I don't have any fillings though, so I must be good at brushing my teeth :)

4. I don't have any cartilage in the end of my nose. Yeah another weird one, my nose is super squishy at the end.

5. My husband and I decided to get married after dating for a week. We got married 9 months later and we celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary in a few weeks. When you know, you just know <3 We waned to elope to Vegas, but thought our mums might never talk to us again if we did!

B. xoxo

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