DIY // Wooden bead hanger

So as a follow up post to my love for wooden beads as home decor, I decided to make my own wooden bead decoration. It was hard deciding what I wanted to make from wooden beads, but I finally settled on a practical hanger to go in my newly made-over office! :)

First I decided I wanted my hanger to be about 2m long and I wanted fairly large beads, I chose 2cm beads with a natural unvarnished finish.

Actually finding beads at a reasonable price was fairly tricky, I opted to search Etsy as I like to support small businesses. I finally found a seller, you can find the ones I bought here. The shop is called The Generous Sheep, run by a lovely and very helpful lady called Hannie in The Netherlands and thankfully I found she ships worldwide!

I needed 100 beads, but I bought a few extra in case I wanted to make something else (I'm thinking maybe a trivet?)

Here are the beads I bought.

Most of the wooden bead hangers I have seen and any tutorials use leather throng, but I already had some lovely natural twine I wanted to use that went perfectly. I also already had a bunch of bulldog clips I wasn't using.

So there wasn't much to it really, I just threaded them on, tied a knot with a loop on both ends and then clipped the bulldog clips on!

Here it is in all its glory in my new workspace! I am totally in love :)

B. xoxo

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