Interior design // Wooden bead garlands

I am always looking at pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of interior design and it's no secret that I love Scandinavian-style interior design. One bit of decoration that has really caught my eye recently is wooden bead garlands. Here is a collection of pictures I found on Instagram.

I love the natural style of the wooden beads.

There's a lot of examples of wooden beads being used in other decoration as well like this lampshade.

If natural is not your thing, I have seen black and white like these.

On strong cord, twine or leather they are great to hang things on,

I prefer the natural beads, but this is a great idea with bull dog clips! I prefer the idea of the garland having a purpose as well as being decorative.

This one is pretty with the feathers and paper dot garland.

Here you can better see the garland in a room setting.

I have found a few places that you can buy one if you love them as much as I do.

Here at Luanord they have garlands up to 1m with natural beads on twine.
Here at Sonny and Flo they have painted white, black and grey garlands.
Here at Coast etc. they have a whole range of colours!

Come back tomorrow to see how I made my own wooden bead garland, that way I got to pick the colour, length and size of the beads myself.

B. xoxo


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