Clean eating // Chorizo and red lentil soup

If there's one thing you will learn about me when it comes to food, it is that I hate routine and I love trying new things. I also loving cooking although I don't think I am great at it, but I get by okay. I love baking a little more, but that's probably my sweet tooth talking.

Anyway on the path on clean eating and in the spirit of trying new things, I decided to make a chorizo-based soup and I was glad I did.

Soup is so easy to make and very quick. The only equipment I use is a hand blender and it is perfectly adequate for blending soup. You normally just boil some vegetables in stock, blend it, add some cream and that is really all there is to it!

The recipe I used is here and I thought it was delicious. It made enough for me, my husband and Poppy for dinner and enough for lunch the next day too! :)

B. xoxo

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