Bloody Mary Metal Personalised Stacks // RAD rings

For a while, me and my husband had decided to get new weddings bands, originally we were going to get vintage gold bands. These are remarkably hard to come by though. 
Recently I have been wearing a lot of silver though. Luckily my engagement ring has platinum shoulders so I can get away with wearing it with silver.

Then I came across Bloody Mary Metal Personalised Stacks and fell in love. It was so hard choosing what to get engraved, but finally we made a choice. It's a long story, but it is to do with our first date! <3

Here are our new rings. We couldn't be happier with them!

The service from Bloody Mary Metal was brilliant and they were meant to arrive in 2 weeks and took about 2 days, so it's safe to say I was very impressed.

B. xoxo

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