90s Scrunchie // Tie your hair up with less damage

I have always hated scrunchies. With a passion. I think Carrie Bradshaw is with me on this too. I hate them now and I hated them in the 90s when they were first in fashion.
Now I am on a mission to revive my hair, grow it and keep it as healthy as possible though and I recently found out scrunchies are really good for your hair!
Due to the fact that they are not a skinny piece of elastic cutting into your hair, they are soft and gently and protect your hair a lot more. I would still never leave the house in one though. If I was to leave the house I normally bobby pin my hair instead as that is also less damaging, but obviously an awful lot more time consuming.

Scunchies are one of those thing I always wanted to have a go at making, but never had a reason to until now (I mean I really hated them, why would I make something I hate?!)
So here is my go at making one, I think there's a lot of room for improvement since I didn't make a pattern I just roughly guessed how much fabric and then measured it!

If you would like to make one, I did (afterwards) find a nice little tutorial for one here

B. xoxo

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