I love interior design // Rooms designed by me

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am passionate about interior design. Not yet owning my own house I am obviously limited as to what I can do. 
I love searching for interior items, I love putting things together, I love the hunt for the perfect piece of furniture or accessory and I love picking the perfect colour combinations.

Hopefully soon though I will be helping some of my friends who are moving to design their rooms and I am so excited I can't wait!
All I need now from them is a brief of what they like, what they already have and what they want to buy, a room plan and a budget! 
I can't wait to get designing rooms!

In the mean time I put together two rooms to show my friend how I could be of help. I went for a cosy feel to both rooms, with natural materials, neutral colours and I tried to make it how I thought they would like it, not just my taste!

Family living room
Here is my calm and snug family living room design.

Cosy bedroom
This is my cosy and warm master bedroom design.

These were made really quick with images from Polyvore. When I create them properly I will shop around for the perfect pieces and use the real items in the rooms. I will also create mood boards first before I design the full room.

What do you think of my rooms? B. xoxo

Swedish word of the day is fönster, meaning 'window'. It is pronounced 'fun-stur'.

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