Christmas decorations // Scandinavian style

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

Being a huge fan of Scandinavian design, it only seemed appropriate to do a post on Scandinavian Christmas Decor. These images are pictures I found on Pinterest and trust me there are plenty more. These nicely sum up the idea though.

Not having much daylight during the winter in Scandinavia, candles are really important in the decor. They give a lovely warm, calm light that light bulbs just can't compete with. The make your home feel so cosy.

Scandinavians favour a lot of white in their homes too, which obviously helps reflect what little light there is and makes dark spaces feel lighter and brighter.

Natural furniture and decorations are important too, for example wood, sheepskin rugs, real Christmas trees etc. are seen a lot. These all appear in Nordic interior design anyway, but really help add to the cosiness of your home during the winter.

Next time I will feature some products to achieve this look and where to buy them.
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Today's Swedish word of the day is "kackerlacka" meaning cockroach. Not a very nice animal, but a fun sounding word! :) Pronounced how it is spelt.

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