Tin can to plant pot // Tutorial

I keep seeing cute plant pots made from cans and other recycled objects, so I decided to make one and a little tutorial :)

What you will need:
A tin can
A hammer
A tool to make a hole or a nail

A tin with a ring pull is best, that way you get a nice neat edge. Make sure you don't cut yourself on the edge though as it will be very sharp. Peel off the label, wash the tin and leave to dry.

Make some holes in the bottom of your tin. This is for drainage when you water your plant.

Here are the holes I made, you could add more, or do them a different size to mine, just not too big or soil will come out!

In a well ventilated area, spray the whole can with clear lacquer or if you prefer you could go for a pretty colour. I wanted mine to have more of a rustic look, so I chose clear. It needs to be suitable for outside use if your plant pot is going to live outdoors. Follow the instructions on the spray can for best results.

Once it has dried, add a few stones to the bottom of the can. This is also for drainage and to stop soil coming out of the bottom.

Add soil! Leave a gap at the top for your plant.

Put your plant in the centre and add soil round the edges and on top. Push down on the soil, so it feels firm and add more so it's almost at the top of the can.

I added a few small stones to the top for decoration. Finally give it a good water, then leave it to settle into its new home :)
If you are making it to go inside, you could add some ribbon or washi round the tin or you could doodle on it with a sharpie. This would look great with herbs in on your kitchen window sill or it could even make a lovely handmade gift.

If you make one of these let me know or tag me on instagram! My instagram is @wolfsheart :)
Hope you are enjoying the lovely sumer weather B. xoxo

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