July wish list // Bea

July wish list

1. A buffalo plaid shirt. Impossible to find in the UK :(
2. A vintage suede bag with fringing, also hard to find.
3. Floppy black hat
4. Vintage Harley tee
5. I am addicted to cactuses and succulents!
6. I am lusting over an Eames chair for my desk
7. Midi rings, I want some sterling silver ones as I wear them a lot
8. I do own a pair of Dr Martens, but my mum possibly threw them out after I moved out! :(
9. I am totally obsessed with silver and turquoise jewellery!

What is on your wish list at the moment?
My wish list was a lot bigger, but now I am working I have been able to treat myself to a few things :)
B. xoxo

Swedish word of the day is "paraply" meaning "umbrella" and it is pronounced like 'paraplee'. 

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