I love smoothies // Strawberry and banana smoothie recipe

I drink smoothies a lot and before my laptop broke I had a huge post planned with loads of different recipes to share and it obviously never happened. So while I am trying to get organised again, I will share a favourite with you for now.

Strawberry and banana smoothie

I don't have a smoothie maker, juicer or even a liquidiser, but obviously these would be a preferable way to make a smoothie. I just use a hand held blender and it works perfectly for me :)

For this smoothie I used one banana, a large handful of strawberries and put them in a measuring jug, topping it up to 2 pints with apple juice. Blend on full power until there are no lumps, pour and enjoy. It really is that simple!

You can play around with flavours and different fruits and I will share some more recipes soon :)
I also decided that personally smoothies are better than juices as with juices you separate the pulp and the pulp still contains a lot of goodness which I don't want to discard and also I don't like to be wasteful.
Let me know what your favourite smoothie flavours are!

B. xoxo

Swedish word of the day: "idag" meaning  "today" and it is pronounced 'idarg'. 

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