So I am finally back with my fancy new computer. I decided to buy a desktop in the end as it was better value for money and also much nicer to work on with a bigger screen. It just took me a few days to sort out a desk and an extension cable.

A lot has happened since I was last blogging properly, but I won't go on too much. I have started working 2 days a week now so I need to be more organised than ever to fit everything in! I got my sleeve finished by my favourite tattooist and I am also trying to plan a holiday.

I realised without having my laptop that I have been neglecting my Swedish learning which I am not too happy about, as when learning a language you really need to learn regularly. So I am going to up my game and try to fit more in, so I thought why not include my blog :)

Today's blog post is therefore going to be a bit different, I am going to teach you a few basic words.

The post is titled "Hej!" Which means "Hello!" in Swedish and it is pronounced like 'hay'.
To say "Goodbye!" you would say "Hey då!" which is pronounced like 'hay door'.
One is "ett" and is pronounced like it sounds 'ett'.
Two is "två" and is pronounced like 'tvoor'.
Three is "tre" and is pronounced like 'tree' although you need to roll the r sound.

So there you go, a few basic Swedish words! I was also thinking I might start doing a Swedish word of the day at the end of each blog post, just because I think learning is fun! :)

I'm so glad to be back, I have some fun things to share in the next few days. I'm not feeling too well at the moment so I am trying to relax so I get better quicker. I hope you all have a lovely day though!
B. xoxo

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