Beautiful photography // Part seven- Carissa Gallo

When I first started writing this series I was hoping to feature only analogue photographers, on the way though I found some really amazing photographers and in the end the format was less important than the actual photos. The editing capabilities these days mean you can get a lovely feel to photos on digital as well as film, especially with apps like vsco.

What I also didn't expect was that I would find mostly male photographers. Here though Carissa Gallo shows that it is nothing to do with the quality of work, just that there seems to be less female photographers around with this raw, natural vintage style.

All of the images were taken from Carissa Gallo's website.

Have you come across any other female photographers with a similar style? If so I would love to see their work.

For now I am sad that this series has come to a close. I am feeling more inspired than ever though to dig out a few cameras and some film and get taking photos.
Maybe soon I will share some of my own favourite film photos.
B. xoxo

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