Trying a new type of artwork // Typography

As a designer I do a lot of creative things most days, but what I really like to do is drawing. It helps me improve, but I also really like to try new types of art and experiment with styles.

I have always been interested in typography, though I have never tried my hand at it. I have never been taught it either so what I learn will be self-taught.

I decided on a phrase, which happens to be some song lyrics. I then chose what font I wanted to use. I practiced writing it a few times within a circle which I liked the idea of. 

At this stage it is not totally original nor is it perfect, it is a work in progress. I am really pleased with what I have picked up already and I can't wait to keep improving on it till I am happy that I have an original and really neat piece of artwork. So far I am really enjoying learning about typography. I might need to invest in some different pens before I try different styles though. 

I will post another picture when it's done :) I hope you like it for now though.
B. xoxo

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