Summer style // Longboard love

Untitled #45
Shirt // Hollister
Sunglasses // Vans
Bracelets // Accessorize
Vest // H&M
Flower crown // Accessorize
Socks //  American Apparel
Longboard// Santa Cruz
Shorts // Levi
Trainers // Vans

I've always loved skateboarding and nowadays I'm a huge fan of longboards. I love the idea of getting around on a nice longboard in the summer. I do not want to learn how to do tricks or anything fancy, but I have decided I want to improve my balance enough so I can finally get a board of my own. Above is my dream longboard and what I would wear if I was a cool longboard girl! 
Do you like skateboarding or longboarding? 
B. xoxo

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