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I love the kind of DIYs where you already have all the items in your craft stash to complete the project as they cost very little and I can start making immediately. 

Following on from my posts earlier in the week about weaving I found a lovely tutorial on how to make a mini weaving yourself with no fancy kit. Find it here.

They really are gorgeous and if you are feeling adventurous there's no reason why you couldn't make them bigger too.
The tutorial was found on the Etsy blog here and there are full, easy-to-follow instructions.

I then found this beautiful piece called a God's Eye on the blog Prudent Baby. The beauty of it is that you can make it in any colours you like to match your colour scheme. Find instructions here.

I have loved the idea of a pom pom crown ever since I watched Kirstie Allsop's program over Christmas. The blog Rose Runs Wild has a tutorial for a lovely one here.

Have you made anything from your craft stash recently?
B. xoxo

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