New release // 7 new Loaf lamps

If you are looking for that perfect lamp at the moment I may have found just the thing. At Loaf they have just released 7 new gorgeous lamps! On trend at the moment with a hint of industrial styling, but simple and classy enough to fit any home setting.

L-R, Bronzie // Schooner // Apothecary // Cluck // Gaston // Flagon

Priced from £95 they are well worth the money being hand made, these lamps are built to last. The bases are hand blown glass, giving that feel of individuality yet real beauty and high quality.

Gaston, a timeless vintage-style lamp made to be loved for years to come.

Schooner, with a base hand blown in India and shade handmade in Dorset, a lovely combination.

The Apothecary lamp was inspired by a vintage apothecary jar in an old chemist in India.

Cluck, the beautiful result of combining hand blown glass and rustic chicken wire.

The Flagon lamp- simple, classic and perfect in the living room or bedroom.

The Gilbert lamp was named after a Loaf customer!

My favourite is the Bronzie lamp complete with a hand hammered steel band.

Which is your favourite new Loaf lamp?
B. xoxo


  1. I'm with you B. But having said that I like the Gaston lamp too. Its a switch up on my usual style but I'm game to change!

    1. I really like all of them actually! They are a little out of my price range right now though and I have my eye on another one from the new George Home range, which I'll be posting about soon! :) xx

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