Music player review // Tesco Blinkbox Music

I was looking for somewhere to listen to an album the other day without having to download Spotify and I stumbled across Tesco Blinkbox Music. If you are familiar with Pandora it is pretty similar, if not I will explain. You type in a band you like and it automatically creates a play list with songs by similar bands. Judging by the home page (pictured) I wasn't expecting them to have any of the music I wanted to listen to. I was happily proven wrong though. There seems to be music from most bands you can think of.
It is clearly laid out and easy to use. I signed up with Facebook which removed the hassle of filling in forms and meant I was ready to go instantly. 
A great way to discover new bands, it is totally free. There are adverts, but I am pleased to report they are few and far between. I didn't count, but roughly every 5 songs it played one short advert. Although it did keep repeating the same 2 adverts which got a little annoying.

A screenshot of Tesco Blinkbox Music.

Tesco Blinikbox Music is Tesco's new addition to Blinkbox. If you have never heard of Blinkbox it is Tesco's answer to LoveFilm, where you can rent or buy films or series, although with it's own key benefit. Certain DVDs you purchase from Tesco appear in your account in digital form for free, leaving you to download them to devices like your iPad. I was very impressed to say the least. 

I also saw an advert on TV for Tesco Blinkbox Music yesterday so hopefully it will start to take off soon. I really recommend it as I think it is a really great service.

Where do you listen to your favourite music?
B. xoxo

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