Low carb diet // Mushroom pizza recipe

Sorry I haven't posted in the last week, I have been visiting family with no means of writing any posts.
Anyway I am back today with a delicious recipe I came up with after doing some research on low carb diets. 
I want to start by confirming that I am not on a diet, but I do read a lot and I am very interested in the idea of eating less carbs as they always make me feel bloated, sluggish and tired. So I decided to cut down, but to replace the energy the idea is to keep fat intake high, you don't cut out both. I am also trying to increase the amount of raw fruit and veg I eat by making smoothies and juices, but I'll save that for another post :)
Instead of just cutting out certain foods, I started looking for carb replacements and one I found that sounded lovely was pizzas using a portobello mushroom base.
Here is the recipe I came up with, they are also super quick and easy to cook :)

Carb free mushroom pizzas
To serve 2 people. Preheat oven to 200, 180 fan or gas mark 6.

Ingredients //
4 Portobello mushrooms
2 tbspn Tomato puree
1 Ball mozzarella
4 slices pepperoni or salami

Method //
1. Slice the gills of each mushroom.*
2. Place the mushrooms on a baking tray and put in the oven for about 10 minutes to dry them out a bit.
3. Remove from oven, be careful as they will now be hot. Put 1/4 of the tomato puree on each mushroom and spread around.
4. Add a slice of pepperoni or salami to each.
5. Sprinkle grated or finely chopped mozzarella on top.
6. Put back in oven for about 10 minutes. They are ready when the cheese has melted nicely.
7. Serve with salad, vegetables, baked beans, coleslaw etc.

*As far as I gathered this is to stop your pizza being soggy, as mushrooms hold a lot of water. I didn't want to throw this bit away though, so I put them back in the paper bag in the fridge and saved them to add to tomorrows lasagne.

And that's it, simple as that! I had mine with baked beans and it tasted amazing. Chris enjoyed them just as much as I did too :) 
Let me know if you make them! B. xoxo

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