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Inspiration board

When I wrote down why I was writing this blog one of the main reasons was to share my inspirations, although I haven't done much of that so I am going to start doing more design posts.

I look for inspiration all around me, although sometimes I am inspired by things I do not have around me and I have to find pictures online to get me started. So this is an initial idea board with found images, none of them belong to me they are all ones I liked on Google images.

Once I get further into the design process, I would replace images like these with my own photos. For example I might visit a museum that allowed me to take photos of artefacts. Once I have my own photos I am free to use them in my designs, to inspire me further with mood boards or  I can draw and paint from them to come up with original designs. I would never use a photo I found or piece of art that inspired me to make my own designs, that is copying somebody else's work. I believe it is fine to look at found images to help you form your initial ideas of what direction you want to go in though.

Here is an example of an inspiration board that I have made with a Native American theme, using images of textiles, jewellery and other items that I found really beautiful. The next step I would take is to do a lot more research before narrowing down my idea a little more as it is still quite broad at this stage.

Where do you find inspiration for things?
B. xoxo

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