Easter traditions // Sweden

As we are planning on moving to Sweden, we have started learning about Swedish traditions and Easter is one I am looking to celebrating when we move. Swedish traditions have long rooted historical influences  and are very different to England where we just swap gifts of chocolate eggs. 

Children dress up as Easter witches in old rags with red painted cheeks. They go door to door handing out paintings and drawings with the hope of receiving sweets in return.

Two girls dressed as Easter witches.

After this the children receive more sweets from their family in the form of paper eggs filled with sweets.

Traditional Swedish Easter egg.

Another lovely tradition is Påskris which is essentially a Easter version of a Christmas tree. Birch branches are brought into the home and decorated with brightly coloured feathers and sometimes painted eggs and other items.

Swedish 'Påskris' Easter tree.

Easter lunch consists of a Smörgåsbord similar to what is eaten at Christmas.

Easter Smörgåsbord.

Do you have any favourite Easter traditions?
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