DIY fashion // Floral circle skirt

I do little bits of sewing regularly, but it had been a while since I had taken on making something from scratch and I had bought this fabric to make a skirt years ago. So the other week I decided it was finally time to make it, but as most of my sewing projects take place during nap time, it had to be something quick and simple. Also I can make a pattern if I really want, but I hate all the measuring. So after a quick search on Google I found this pattern to make a circle skirt on www.birdeemag.com. I've never made one before and after this I am wondering why because it was so easy.

I have a few points to add about the tutorial. In Step 2 Annika states that she started with 110cm wide fabric as she wanted her skirt to be 55cm long. This is incorrect. She cut off 11cm to make the waist, then you have to minus the seam allowances, but add back on the width of the waistband to get the length. From the top to bottom it is actually 47.5cm.

Also due to the way you cut the skirt, where you add your zip in, the fabric is on the bias, which means it is the most stretchy. I had to iron interfacing to the zipper seams to stop it stretching as other wise I ended up with a wavy zip that wouldn't sit flat. 

Other than the though it is a brilliant tutorial and I'm so happy with how my skirt turned out :)
Have you made any clothes recently?
B. xoxo


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