Castor oil // Growing back your eyebrows

I did a post a while ago on just one of the benefits of coconut oil, today I have another great oil to share with you that holds a well kept beauty secret- castor oil. Natural products are often better for us and much less costly.

The use I was specifically interested in is helping you grow your eyebrows back or to grow them thicker. I have seen a lot of 'evidence' on the Internet, but I sometimes find it hard to believe what I read so I have to decided to test this theory out for myself. 

I am going to apply it once a day, at night (I wear mascara in the day time) and I will take a before and after picture to share. 
I am excited to try it as one of my eyebrows is less thick in the middle, (not where I pluck them,) making them seem uneven and it would be nice to have them more symmetrical.
I will report back with results in a month or so and will share what I really think.

In the mean time if you are interested in trying this out for yourself you can buy castor oil from chemists, although I had a hard time finding it, so if not try online.
It is relatively cheap, around £3 for a large bottle. It looks similar to olive oil in the bottle, smells very nutty and is quite thick. 

Have you ever tried castor oil for thickening eyebrows? What are your favourite natural beauty remedies?
B. xoxo

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